"Hi-Yo Silver, Away!"

The Lone Ranger and his faithful Indian companion, Tonto,
chased after the bad guys and made the West a better place to live.

Clayton Moore actually did more than just the TV show.
He also starred in two Lone Ranger movies in the mid 1950s.

 OK - so just what was The Lone Ranger all about?

The story of the Lone Ranger.

Six Texas Rangers (Hi-Yo! Hi-Yo!) rode in the sun (Hi-Yo! Hi-Yo!).
Six men of justice rode into an ambush, with death for all but one.

One lone survivor (Hi-Yo! Hi-Yo!), lay on the trail (Hi-Yo! Hi-Yo!).
Found there by Tonto, the brave Indian Tonto, he lived to tell the tale.

Hi-Yo, Silver! Hi-Yo, Silver, away! Hi-Yo, Silver! Hi-Yo, Silver, away!

His wounds quickly mended (Hi-Yo! Hi-Yo!), and then in the night (Hi-Yo! Hi-Yo!).
Six graves were put there to hide from the outlaws that one man lived to fight.

He chose silver bullets (Hi-Yo! Hi-Yo!), the sign of his name (Hi-Yo! Hi-Yo!).
A mask to disguise him, a great silver stallion, and thus began his fame.

Hi-Yo, Silver! Hi-Yo, Silver, away! Hi-Yo, Silver! Hi-Yo, Silver, away!

The Lone Ranger is his name! The Lone Ranger: 75th Anniversary - Seasons 1 and 2 (1949)

Watch the Lone Ranger Trailer from 1956.


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A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty "Hi-yo, Silver!", The Lone Ranger!

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